Demo Time? What To Do With All That Waste

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Demo Time? What To Do With All That Waste

24 July 2017
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With a variety of popular remodel shows available, you may be inspired to perform your own remodel or demo at your own home. It could be as large as knocking down a wall to enlarge your master suite or as simple as changing the look of your fireplace surround. Before the project is complete, however, there are probably one or more piles of unwanted material or waste to dispose of. Here are a few options when it's time to get rid of that demo waste.

Donate It

If you are simply updating an area of your home with something newer, you may have perfectly usable leftovers that can be donated instead of thrown away. It might be an older white stove that doesn't match your new stainless steel look, kitchen cabinets or even Formica countertops that need to make room for new granite ones. 

Just be careful when removing any items that still have some life left – they're no good to someone if they get damaged during your demo. Instead of wielding a sledgehammer, employ a screwdriver to remove any fasteners. Check in your area for places that accept donations like ReStore.

Haul it Away Yourself

As you're completing your demo, rather than toss that waste on the front lawn or sidewalk while you work, place it neatly in the back of a pickup truck. When your truck bed is full, make a quick trip to the dump or landfill and drop it off yourself.

If you know there will be multiple trips to the dump, stack the garbage into like piles to make a final haul easier; long pieces of lumber fit better into a truck bed if they're not mixed with unwieldy chunks of sheetrock. Sorting similar waste comes in handy if you have to visit different dumps. You don't want concrete pieces mixed up with scrap metal intended for recycling.

Rent a Dumpster

An easy solution for dealing with demo waste is to rent a dumpster. It could be a smaller bin similar to those found in apartment complexes where you toss materials up and in, or a larger roll-off dumpster that opens at one end to allow you to physically enter to throw away trash.

First, make sure your property has room for your preferred dumpster size. If it sits on the street, you may need a permit from your city. Renting a dumpster allows you to take your time filling it with all of your leftover materials without having to worry about sorting or donating. To learn more, contact a dumpster company like Pro Star Roll Off Dumpsters

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